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Dan Myrick's Filmography
Carl Merryweather, an obsessed UFO experiencer, is on a mission to reunite with the "Alien" he encountered as a youth. He takes our crew on a fascinating journey deep in the high desert in search of the answer which ends at the very spot where it all began almost 30 years ago.
Post-Production / Dan Myrick - Writer/Director
Producer - Joe Restaino

Based on the true story about a stalker who stole a woman's house key while posing as a valet at a local restaurant. Later the man breaks into her home and takes up residence under her bed for several days. Unbeknownst to her, he recorded her every move in an effort to "get to know her" and ultimately maker her his own.

Starring - Hannah New and Beverly D'Angelo /  Dan Myrick - Writer/Director
Producers - Appian Way, Radar Pictures, Gearhead Pictures

Lion's Gate/USA Networks
A woman travels to an isolated cabin in the Oregon wilderness where she begins to think she is losing her mind over what she suspects are the tell-tale signs of an unseen presence. Her boyfriend comes to visit in an effort to spend some quality time but instead finds someone he no longer recognizes.
Starring - Mira Sorvino and Justin Kirk / Dan Myrick - Executive Producer
Producer - Khartoum Pictures
Shot entirely in Morocco, this is the unsettling story of a CIA operative tasked with finding a suspicious "anomaly" deep within the Afghanistan desert.  He recruits an elite squad of Special Forces soldiers to aid in his mission only to discover that their objective is far more ominous than they could have imagined.
Starring - Jonas Ball /  Dan Myrick - Co-Writer/Director
Producers - JAZ Films, Gearhead Pictures
Warner Brothers
One of first of six Raw Feed films produced for Warner Bros., BELIEVERS revolves around a reclusive cult that has kidnapped two unsuspecting paramedics out on a routine call. As the so-called "apocalypse" approaches, the two men find their ideologies being challenged by the beliefs of the cult which result in dramatically different outcomes for all involved.
Starring - Johnny Messner and John Huertas /  Dan Myrick - Co-Writer/Director
Producer - Raw Feed, Inc., Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers
A production label co-run by Daniel Myrick, (Blair Witch), Tony Krantz, ("24"), John Shiban, ("X-Files"), RAW FEED was established as a subsidiary of Warner Brothers Video in 2006 as a direct outlet for many of Warners' lower budget horror releases. It placed a particularly strong emphasis on unrated titles and challenging story-lines.
Dan Myrick - Co-Writer/Director/Producer
Producer - Raw Feed, Inc., Warner Brothers
Weinstein Company
Based on the Danish film "Midsommer", SOLSTICE takes place within the mysterious back drop of the New Orleans back country and centers on the life of a surviving sister, of whom last her sibling in a tragic accident years before and now seems to be making her presence known once again during a vacation outing at the family summer cottage.
Starring - Elisabeth Harnois, Shawn Ashmore and Amanda Seyfried /  Dan Myrick - Co-Writer/Director
Producer - Endgame Entertainment
One of the first ever scripted, episodic shows designed for the web. Starring Kathrine Helmond, James Morrison with a cameo by Kevin Smith, THE STRAND dives into the intertwined lives of various residents deep within the environs of Venice, CA and was credited at the time for raising the bar on scripted web productions. 
Starring - James Morrison, Katherine Helmond and Robyn Cohen /  Dan Myrick - Co-Writer/Director
Producer - Gearhead Pictures
Lion's Gate Entertainment
Considered one of the biggest indie-film blockbusters of all time. Co-written/Co-directed by Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, TBWP ushered in a new genre of found-footage filmmaking and continues to have a huge following to this day. 
Starring - Heather Donahue, Mike C. Williams and Joshua Leonard  /  Dan Myrick - Co-Writer/Director
Producer - Haxan Films
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