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This is a classic story-line that will immerse the viewer in a suspense filled narrative where they simultaneously play the victim and the sleuth. THE SEANCE is the perfect blend of a traditional film combined with the enhanced reality of a VR experience. As we progress through our story, the incorporeal main character will have the freedom to move about, while plausibly transitioning between rooms of the house both in time and space.  In addition, this search for truth will encompass flashbacks of childhood memories, visits with friends and family and a whole host of personal experiences that will allow the viewer to completely embody a main character's inner life like never before.

After the initial introductions to family and friends in the main gallery, we're asked a series of questions about our general well-being using the Medium as our spiritual conduit into the material world. Her voice will fill our head as we float about the space, examining the faces of those that seek answers. It's a disorienting experience, like a stranger being reintroduced to a waking state after a long sleep. Over time the Medium becomes agitated, seeing something no one else can. Her voice relays a dark secret to you, that someone in the group was responsible for your death. It's this voice that serves as motivation and guidance while we search for clues throughout the house and throughout your past on a postmortem quest for answers.

The Toy - Our first clue is a childhood toy found at the base of the stairs next to your lifeless body. You watch as the Coroner wheels you out of the house, the toy casually picked up by someone and discarded. An odd moment that seems out of place. 

The Woods - You're with your best friend, Ashleigh, at your secret meeting spot, "Sleepy Hollow". She tries to comfort you about recently being adopted by your step-father. It's an intimate moment, where you try to reconcile the conflicting feelings for two separate fathers; one living, one dead.

The Reception -  Your mom has just remarried and you are doing your best to enjoy yourself. Your mother approaches and asks if you're okay. She sees that you're morose, but tries not to let your shadowy mood spoil her special day.

Your room - You silently move about your room which is frozen in time since your death. Unable to touch anything, you move about, looking over old pictures, school awards, papers where you finally come upon a hand written note from the housekeeper, Cynthia.  Another clue perhaps?

These are just a few of the examples that will help drive our narrative and engage the audience on a quest to find the guilty party and determine a motive. The Medium's voice will call to us from time to time, thus moving us about this multifaceted exploration as the plot unfolds before us. The challenge, like any good "whodunnit" is to determine exactly who was responsible for your tragic demise before we get to the end.

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