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Jonathan Bowman (12) - You inhabit Jonathan's body and soul. He died just over a year ago from a fatal fall down a flight of stairs at his childhood home. "Blunt force to the head" was on the autopsy report. Despite the fact that "you" have been running up and down those stairs since you were able to walk, that fateful day proved to be your last. A tragic end to a promising life. What's left behind are the heartfelt memories of your loved ones and a bedroom in stasis, a collage of your former life. Books, drawings and your favorite toys sit longingly about your personal space. You were a studious child, gifted in academics with an empathetic soul and an intense desire to one day be a doctor. 


Victoria Bowman (41) - She's your mother. Caring, maternal and one that always considered herself a spiritual person. She believes that we are all connected in some way and you, her beloved son, has passed onto a different "plane of existence". Maybe it's her way of coming to terms with her tragic loss, a comforting notion that her son is not actually gone, but simply co-existing. Some call it a willful departure from reality, enhanced no doubt by her on-going treatments for psychosis over the years that have left the family reeling at times. 

Robert Bowman (43) - He's been your step-father since you were eight-years-old and has since formally adopted you. (Your biological father died of influenza when you were five). Robert is a self-made, business man. He started at a young age in the construction business and went on to eventually form his own firm. He's been a strong provider for the family, but it can be a fickle business. He has been known to drink a bit too much at times, especially over the past couple of years with the downturn in the local economy, not to mention, the increasing bouts of depression your mother has been suffering since your death.


Melanie Bowman (11) - She's your older, half-sister from your step-father's first marriage, (his former wife was also a victim of the flu epidemic). You and Melanie got along fine, most of the time. There was always an air of sibling rivalry between you two, possibly more enhanced by having different mothers. In any case, you both shared an aptitude for academics and have pushed yourselves hard to maintain high grades. Melanie, in particular, takes her studies very seriously, being that she didn't want the life of a "dutiful housewife". Now, as an idealistic teenager, she's intent on becoming an entrepreneur one day, just like her father.


Miss Cynthia Krauss (22) - She's the live-in caretaker hired three years ago to help out around the house. More recently, however, her role has been transitioning towards caring for Mrs. Bowman directly, who's behavior has become increasingly erratic.  Mr. Bowman's reliance on Cynthia has increased over the past year, especially, during the immediate aftermath of your passing. She was always hard working, but kept to herself much of the time while you were alive, however, you do recall the occasional off-hand joke she'd offer that would always make your father laugh...maybe a little bit too much.

Mr. Nigel Wentworth (51) - The next door neighbor and long time family friend. He works as an accountant and was an early investor in your step-father's business, even doing the books for him from time to time over the years. Until recently, however, Nigel has been kept out of the inner workings of your step-father's affairs, suspecting that financial trouble has been brewing for some time. You always liked Mr. Wentworth's antique clock collection and would, on  occasion, visit after school. It was the collective sound of those ticking time pieces that seemed to make the world stop outside.

Ashleigh Sommers (13) - She was your best friend from school and the only other person you knew of that had a step-parent. Sometimes, you'd meet at your secret spot you both referred to as "Sleepy Hollow", which was a copse of trees in the nearby wood where you would read stories to each other during the long Summer days. She admired you quirky sense-of-humor and your focus, but also knew you were a brooding soul when the mood struck. 

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